Cyberoam is Now Part of Sophos

End of Sale and End of Life for Cyberoam Products

Sophos has started the End of Life, and End of Sale process for Cyberoam iNG Appliances, Cyberoam Central Console (CCC), Cyberoam Cloud Management System (CCMS) and the iView NR products.

If you’re an existing customer of Cyberoam you should migrate to Sophos XG Firewall which will also further enhance your protection and performance. To help make this process easier, Sophos is providing a selection of no charge support services (and also some very attractive promo offers that are only for Cyberoam customers).

See Migration Paths Below (contact us for help with the process)

Migration Paths to Sophos

Cyberoam iNG Appliances
Model Number Migration Path
CR10iNG Sophos XG Firewall XG85 (or higher)
CR10wiNG Sophos XG Firewall XG85 Wireless (or higher)
CR15iNG, CR15iNG-4P, CR15iNG-LE Sophos XG Firewall XG105 (or higher)
CR15wiNG Sophos XG Firewall XG105 Wireless (or higher)
CR25iNG, CR25iNG-6P, CR25iNG-LE Sophos XG Firewall XG125 (or higher)
CR25wiNG, CR25wiNG-6P Sophos XG Firewall XG125 Wireless (or higher)
CR35iNG, CR35iNG-LE Sophos XG Firewall XG135 (or higher)
CR35wiNG Sophos XG Firewall XG135 Wireless (or higher)
CR50iNG, CR50iNG-LE Sophos XG Firewall XG210 (or higher)
CR100iNG, CR100iNG-LE Sophos XG Firewall XG230 (or higher)
CR200iNG, CR200iNG-DP, CR200iNG-XP Sophos XG Firewall XG310 (or higher)
CR300iNG, CR300iNG-DP, CR300iNG-XP Sophos XG Firewall XG330 (or higher)
CR500iNG-XP Sophos XG Firewall XG430 (or higher)
CR750iNG-XP Sophos XG Firewall XG450 (or higher)
CR1000iNG-XP, CR1500iNG-XP Sophos XG Firewall XG550 (or higher)
CR2500iNG Sophos XG Firewall XG650 (or higher)
CR2500iNG-XP Sophos XG Firewall XG750
isd25 Contact us for a replacement
isd1500 Contact us for a replacement
Virtual Appliances
Model Number Migration Path
CRiV-1C SFv1C2
CRiV-2C SFv2C4
CRiV-4C SFv4C8
CRiV-8C SFv8C16
CRiV-12C SFv16C24

Note: Depending on the virtual hypervisor being used, the virtual machine names will be changed appropriately:

  • VMWare (CR01iV_VM01 to SF01iV_VM01)
  • Microsoft HyperV (CR01iV_HV01 to SF01iV_HV01)
  • KVM (CR01iV_KV01 to SF01iV_KV01)
  • Xen (CR01iV_XV01 to SF01iV_XV01)

Virtual appliance model names depend on the base license applied on that virtual machine as represented in the above table.

Cyberoam Central Console
Model Number Migration Path
CCC 15NM, CCCV 15, CCCV MS15, CCCV MW15 Sophos Firewall Manager SFMv15
CCC 50NM, CCCV 50, CCCV MS50, CCCV MW50 Sophos Firewall Manager SFMv50
CCC 100NM, CCCV 100, CCCV MS100 Sophos Firewall Manager SFMv100
CCC 200NM, CCCV 200, CCCV MS200, CCCV MW200 Sophos Firewall Manager SFMv200
CCC 500NM, CCCV 500, CCCV MS500, CCCV MW500 Sophos Firewall Manager SFMv500
Cyberoam Cloud Management System
Model Number Migration Path
Cyberoam Cloud Management System Sophos Central Firewall Manager (CFM); Sophos Central Management
Cyberoam iView NR
Model Number Migration Path
CR-iVU25NR Sophos iView Reporting
CR-iVU100NR Sophos iView Reporting
CR-iVU200NR Sophos iView Reporting