SonicWALL TZ Series

The SonicWALL® TZ Series is the ultimate security platform for small and distributed networks, providing a choice between absolute ease-of-use for basic networks and unsurpassed flexibility for networks with more complex needs.

SonicWALL TZ Series Firewalls and UTM Appliances

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Sonicwall TZ Series

One of the most secure, sophisticated and widely deployed small-business firewall platforms on the market today. The Sonicwall TZ Series offers a range of Unified Threat Management solutions for small businesses, retail, government, remote sites and branch offices.

Unlike consumer-grade products, the TZ Series delivers the most effective anti-malware, intrusion prevention, content/URL filtering and application control capabilities along with the broadest most secure mobile platform support for laptops, smartphones and tablets.

It provides full deep packet inspection (DPI) at very high performance levels, eliminating the network bottleneck that other products introduce, and enabling organizations to realize increased productivity gains. The TZ Series is the most secure, sophisticated and widely-deployed security platform on the market today.

Additionally, the Sonicwall Application Intelligence and Control capabilities in the TZ 215 ensures that bandwidth is available for business-critical applications while throttling or blocking unproductive applications. The TZ 215 also offers advanced application traffc analytics and reporting for deep insight into bandwidth utilization and security threats.

The TZ Series includes additional advanced networking features such as IPSec and SSL VPN, multiple ISP failover, load balancing, optional integrated 802.11n wireless and network segmentation, and also enables PCI compliance.

The TZ Series is the only available UTM firewall that provides native VPN remote access client for Apple® iOS, Google® Android , Windows,Mac OS and Linux. This unique client also supports Clean VPN, which decontaminates threats from VPN traffc. Providing the most secure support for mobile platforms, only Sonicwall delivers full malware scanning of SSL encrypted traffc and application control for Android and iOS devices.