SonicPoint ACe with PoE Injector, includes 5-Years 24x7 Support

SonicPoint ACe with PoE Injector, includes 5-Years 24x7 Support
SKU: 01-SSC-0870
Manufacturer: SonicWall

$720.00 (USD)

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The SonicPoint ACe offers secure, high-performance 802.11ac wireless LAN (WLAN) connectivity across the 5 GHz band with enhanced signal quality and range, simplified deployment, and ease of management.

SonicPoint ACe with PoE Injector, includes 3-Year 24x7 Support

The latest in high-performance wireless

Get enterprise-speed access to data and use bandwidth-intensive mobile apps such as HD video and voice over high-bandwidth wireless LANs with the SonicPoint ACe. Gain the enhanced wireless signal speed and quality available through the 802.11ac wireless standard.

Secure extension of your network

The SonicPoint ACe integrates tightly with SonicWALL SuperMassive, E-Class NSA, NSA and TZ Series firewalls to provide uniquely robust and comprehensive wireless network security. These firewalls use Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection technology to scan all inbound and outbound wireless traffic for malware, intrusions and other threats and then eliminate them before they can enter your network.


  • Superior wireless performance and range
    • Enhanced signal quality
    • Increased wireless reliability
    • FairNet wireless bandwidth allocation
  • Comprehensive wireless security
    • Deep packet inspection technology
    • Granular security policy enforcement
    • Virtual access point segmentation
    • Wireless intrusion detection and prevention
    • Cloud access control list
  • Easy setup and centralized WLAN management
    • Flexible wireless deployment options
    • Broad standards and protocols support
    • Multiple hardware platforms
  • Low total cost of ownership

Web access policy control

Provide visitors or customers with a guest password for secure wireless Internet access using wireless guest services (WGS). Let employees securely access network resources from within your wireless network by separating trusted wireless users from unknown users using virtual access points (VAPs). Extend your model of differentiated wireless access by customizing the authentication interface with lightweight hotspot messaging.

Easy deployment and management

Streamline deployment and management of your secure wireless network. SonicPoints are automatically detected, provisioned and updated by the managing firewall. Wireless LAN administration is also handled directly from the firewall GUI, simplifying setup and centralizing ongoing management.

Lower costs

Add secure wireless networking without over-spending. By simplifying deployment, delivering single-pane-of-glass management for both wireless and security, and eliminating the need to purchase a separate wireless controller, the SonicPoint ACe drastically reduces the cost to add wireless into a network infrastructure.