Sonicwall SOHO TotalSecure

The most secure UTM firewall available. Ideal for small offices, home offices and small retail. Includes 1yr Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite
SKU: 01-SSC-0651
Manufacturer: SonicWall

$525.00 (USD)

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The SOHO offers small offices big-business protection and uncompromising security over wired and wireless networks.

Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection

This high-performance, proprietary and patented inspection engine performs stream based bi-directional traffic analysis, without proxying or buffering, to uncover intrusion attempts, malware and identify application traffic regardless of port.

Bi-directional inspection

Scans for threats in both inbound and outbound traffic simultaneously to ensure that the network is not used to distribute malware, and does not become a launch platform for attacks in case an infected machine is brought inside.

Single-pass inspection

A single-pass DPI architecture simultaneously scans for malware, intrusions and application identification, drastically reducing DPI latency and ensuring that all threat information is correlated in a single architecture.

Stream-based inspection

Proxy-less and non-buffering inspection technology provides ultra-low latency performance for deep packet inspection of simultaneous network streams without introducing file and stream size limitations, and can be applied on common protocols as well as raw TCP streams.

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