Centralized Database Security for Distributed Networks

FortiDB Centralized Database Security for Distributed Networks

Centrally Managed Policy Compliance

The FortiDB family of appliances and software delivers a complete Database and Application security product line. It delivers centrally managed security, audit policy compliance and vulnerability management (VM) for data and applications across your extended enterprise. FortiDB enables you to meet the challenges of increasing access to your business-critical data in ERP, CRM, or SCM systems while decreasing the threat of data breach. Its sophisticated database activity monitoring (DAM) and advanced reporting automatically documents your policy compliance with internal policies as well as government or industry regulations such as PCI-DSS, SOX, Basel II, GLBA, and HIPAA.

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Comprehensive Monitoring

FortiDB enforces acceptable use policies and alerts on database security threats. It continuously monitors all access to personally identifiable data (PID) residing in your databases. FortiDB’s full-featured monitoring and auditing technology manages criticalpolicy issues such as change control, internal controls, privileged user monitoring, and privacy protection as well.

Its change control features keep track of all changes related to database structures and users. This includes both Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Control Language (DCL). Native audit provides completeness and accuracy of audit data for both host based and remote connections. Additionally there is an agent based option for audit data collection which does not require the native audit to be turned on.

Detect Weaknesses Automatically

FortiDB’s Vulnerability Management features automatically detect new security weaknesses, policy noncompliance. In addition there is a Discovery function which detects the addition of new databases to your network. FortiDB appliances and software ship with hundreds of preconfigured policies that address industry and governmental requirements, as well as security best practices.

They include a comprehensive set of standards-based reports that provide specific, actionable information. The FortiGuard Global Threat Research Team provides dynamic policy and signature updates. This industry-leading research and remediation advice enables you to strengthen the integrity and security of your databases quickly and effectively.